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Who We Are

Sankofa Livity is the World's Largest Kush Owned Afrocentric Bookstore and its main purpose is to bring forward the missing links, which among many others are the stories of the Nubians, Kemets, Moors and Afrikans who are all part of the Global Kush Empire.

Mostly, we are told just one part of our story and Sankofa Livity offers the other part to allow for a more complete picture. 

Sankofa is a Twi word that translates in English to “Go Back and Bring It” which means 'One Must Return to the Past in order to move forward' … So we have to know where we are coming from and through this journey, we shall know balance.

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Behind The Action

Sankofa Livity is proudly operated and managed by Confidence Survival Eyong. 

Dedicating her life to spreading conscious knowledge to emancipate the minds and bodies of the people of Kush through music, finding Sankofa Livity was nothing but an alignment that fit both pieces perfectly together for a magnificent creation.

As an orator of our story, Confidence Survival has presented and represented Sankofa Livity in many ways than one and she is a pure confirmation of our ancestral connection and DNA activation. We know that our high people, culture and wisdom are all still here with us through the voice and vessel of Confidence Survival.

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What Matters To Us

The Mission of Sankofa Livity is to present the documented evidence of the people of Kush whose voices the mainstream information highway has successfully downplayed.

It will continue to be an Alternate source that provides information that’s missing so as to cross reference the present mainstream narrative when it comes up to the people of Kush and we envision Sankofa Livity soon becoming The #1 Global source of knowledge and inspiration for every Kush and their journey. 

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What We Do

As an important pillar in our community, we pride in - among many other things - , maintaining presence;  ensuring the conversation of Kush emancipation are being held on a regular,  providing a safe space for like minds to meet, providing clarification of information among those that are interested in this knowledge and providing a transitional path for people who are new to the journey to Kush knowledge. 

We are eager to provide our nation with whatever information and guidance they need to build or attain and live a sustainable Kush life.

 The Simplest Thing  YOU Could DO To Support Us? 

Spread Awareness About Sankofa Livity

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How We Do It

As well as the rest of our services, for over 14 years, Sankofa Livity has been an ONSITE BOOKSTORE located at 430 Rideau Street, Downtown Ottawa, ON. K1N 5Z1 Canada.

In 2017, we established an important sector of the company - the MOBILE BOOKSTORE which is fully event oriented (ranging nightclubs, day events & festivals) that allows us to bridge the gap by bringing the books to the different neighborhoods in the community who are not readily able to travel downtown and due to that, are not easily exposed to the knowledge that we carry.

The recent global situation has forced our hands to suspend both sectors of the company until further notice.

THE BOOK RENTALS sector will be suspended until further notice as well.

We are also an ONLINE BOOKSTORE with over 2 million products servicing and delivering to over 100 countries worldwide. 

THE LECTURES SECTOR COVERING GOODY & HAIR CARE, FOOD & NUTRITION, DISEASES & HERBAL TREATMENT, RELATIONSHIPS GUIDANCE,  KUSH POLITICS & RELIGION,  WEALTH BUILDING, AND RELOCATION GUIDANCE has now been expanded online in the form of text fully accessible here on ' MyStory Blog'  and in the form of videos available on our YouTube Channel 'SankofaTalks' .

THE MOVIE NIGHTS will be upgraded and improved into premium movie content on a subscription basis available to members only - coming April 2021.

THE ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATIONS SECTOR  will be fully available online coming April 2021.   

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Our Guarantee

Our Approach - All Sankofa Livity Products are selected to ensure that the message being passed across is what we truly want the people of Kush to be aware of.

Our Experience - With over 14 years of experience running the bookstore, we guarantee uncompromised and transparent services in all aspects of our company from the books themselves to client relations.

Our Quality - All our books are sourced from the publishers/distributors themselves and if we do have any books that have been used, we assure you we will make that as clear as possible when you're purchasing the book.